Since 1986 GAH has been North America's most established back country resort. GAH operates 4  lodges; Sunrise, Meadow, Vista and Sentry in the Esplanade Range in BC within an area of 50,000 acres. Summer guests come to explore over 125 kilometers of hiking trails. Winter skiers/snowboarders enjoy world class powder snow

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Golden Alpine Holidays



The Selkirk Mountains with their deep valleys and massive glaciers have always been a difficult barrier to cross. That all changed in 1881, though, when an American surveyor named A.B. Rogers was able to navigate a rail line through the rugged mountain range. When this epic engineering feat was finally completed, there lay a railway link spanning the East Coast to the Pacific Coast and Canada emerged as a true nation. With the completion of “Rogers Pass” people were finally able to experience this amazing area. The establishment of a transportation corridor was the genesis for the young government to create and protect pristine areas from future development so eventually Mount Revelstoke, Glacier National, Yoho and Banff National Parks were established. Until the completion of the Trans-Canada Highway via the Rogers Pass, automotive traffic between most of British Columbia and the rest of Canada was forced to follow a tortuous path along the Columbia River via its "Big Bend".  Eliminating this time consuming detour occured with the construction of the Trans-Canada Highway in the mid 20th century creating a faster new route that just happens to pass right next to the Esplanade Range where GAH is located


The Esplanades are a sub-range of the Selkirk Mountains and they are situated at the geographical axis of the adjacent Purcell and Rocky Mountains. The Selkirk's are well known to winter backcountry enthusiasts for consistently delivering high quality, dependable snow conditions each and every season. The mid-winter settled snowpack is usually between 2.5 - 5.0 meters deep with cumulative annual snowfalls often exceeding 25 meters. The highest peak in the Selkirk’s is Mt Sir Sandford at 3522M elevation. The mountain range extends 320 kilometers from northern Idaho to south-east British Columbia. The Selkirk’s are distinct from, and geologically much older than the Rocky Mountains to the east


Golden is situated 50 kilometers east on the Trans-Canada Highway in the Kootenay region of south-eastern British Columbia, and lies between two mountain ranges; the Purcell’s and the Rockies. It is situated at the confluence of the Columbia and Kicking Horse Rivers. The population of Golden is approximately 4,500 with an estimated 3200 individuals living in surrounding rural areas. Revelstoke is located 100 kilometers to the west in the Columbia Mountains on the western edge of the Selkirk's. With an estimated population of 8,000, Revelstoke is located in a spectacular and historic mountain setting


GAH consists of four back country lodges, a strategic staging facility alongside the Trans-Canada Highway with tenure for tour operations over 150 square kilometers (~50,000 acres) in the Esplanade Range of the Northern Selkirk Mountain Mountains. The year round recreation tenure and management plan allows for self-guided and fully guided ski touring during the winter with more than 130 named ski runs.  In summer, a network of over 125 kilometers of well marked hiking trails exists. Located at the axis of three major mountain ranges is the reason this area gets some of the most dependable, deep, dry snow conditions in the world. In summer, the alpine meadows are lush with flowers, picturesque lakes and clear running creeks dot the landscape and all are back dropped by the jagged mountain peak vistas of the Rockies, Purcell’s, and Selkirk’s. The tenure lands of GAH are situated between 1675 meters to 2650 meters elevation. The un-glaciated, Pre-Cambrian aged, metamorphic terrain offers a myriad of different aspects to tour. The long alpine ridge or “Esplanade” connects all four lodges creating a perfect summer and winter access corridor

These days the company has grown significantly.  Emerging winter sports like Freeride Touring and Splitboarding have taken off opening up entire new demographics.  Alpine touring and hiking continue to grow in popularity too as people awake to the benefits of “Human Power Adventure” Four lodges in one mountain range allows for “Hut to Hut” trips; a unique product that GAH has become industry leader in. The dramatic increase in winter bookings year over year has also been partially driven by the large number of media projects that show up each and every season


Sentry Lodge 2109M

Backcountry luxury accommodation currently sleeps 14 guests plus 4 staff and can easily be expanded to hold more. Sentry is an elegantly simple and sustainable new era backcountry Alpine Lodge. Renewable Micro Hydro Power generates electricity throughout the lodge

-          4500 square feet Timberframe Lodge

-          Basement:  1,650 sq ft (yoga room, wood storage, full workshop, mechanical, & storage rooms)

-          Main Floor:  1,650 sq ft  (lounge, dining room, office, pantry, washroom, kitchen, 2 guide bedrooms          

-          Indoor Showers

-          Upper Level: 1,027 sq ft (6 guest BR’s that hold up to 18 people, washroom)

-          Micro hydro-electricity throughout lodge, 2 heat efficient wood burning fireplaces

-          2 indoor urinals, 2 outhouses

-          Newly upgraded high speed internet, radio

-          Only alpine webcam in Selkirk mountains with built in meteorological data stream and refreshes every 5 minutes

-          Inside mechanical webcam real time monitors micro-hydro electrical systems and inside temperatures

-          Amenities:  Separate Detached Sauna, yoga room, recreation area,

-          Heli pad, New Electrical Generator Shack, New Propane Hub, New Outhouses

-          New super high energy efficient Blaze King “Princess” fireplace installed in 2015

Vista Lodge 2150M

Vista is the second highest lodge in the Esplanade’s. Located along the shoreline of Vista Lake, it is set in perhaps the most beautiful spot in the entire mountain range. Real time Vista weather data:

 -         1200 square feet total liveable area

-          Sleeps up to max 16 people per night with  6 guest bedrooms and  2 guide bedrooms

-          2 outhouses, propane heat, satellite powered radio, partial cell coverage, sauna with change room and heli-pad

-          New super high energy efficient Blaze King “Princess” fireplace installed in 2015

-          BC Hydro recently installed a remote meteorological station in Colpitti basin near Vista

Meadow Lodge 2208M

Meadow is the highest of the four lodges and one of the highest alpine lodges in Canada located next to a small fresh water lake near the headwaters of the Carrol creek drainage. Meadow is famous for the many pillow lines below the lodge

 -         1200 square feet. Sleeps up to 16 people per night

-          6 guest bedrooms and  2 guide bedrooms

-          2 outhouses, propane heat, satellite powered radio, partial cell coverage, sauna with change room and heli-pad

-          New super high energy efficient Blaze King “Princess” fireplace installed in 2015

-          Sauna recently upgraded

Sunrise Lodge  2134M

Sunrise Lodge is located at the headwaters of Wisted Creek and offers stunning views of Rockies to the west and Purcell’s to the south. Sunrise is the southern gateway to the amazing Esplanade Range

 -         1200 square feet. Sleeps up to 16 people per night

-          6 guest bedrooms / 2 guide bedrooms

-          Services:  2 outhouses, wood / propane heat, radio, limited cell coverage, water from Sunrise Lake, Heli pad

-          Full cellular coverage at Sunrise Lodge and in most places near the lodge

-          Brand new sauna built in 2014

-          Full solar upgrade in 2013 provides task lighting in all rooms of the lodge

-          New super high energy efficient Blaze King “Princess” fireplace installed in 2015

Flight Facility 

GAH’s staging facility is located on 5 acres of land right next to the Trans-Canada Highway 50 kilometers west of Golden and 100 kilometers east of Revelstoke

-          1000 square foot secure heated Flight Center

-          One outhouse

-          Jet Fuel Depot

-          2000 square foot landing pad can hold up to 2 helicopters at a time

-          Full cellular coverage

-          Parking for up to 50 cars


Numerous feature length movies and media projects have been shot over the past few years at Golden Alpine Holidays. Here are some samples: 3 minute MSP Films feature length "Ruin and Rose" Teaser approx. 20% of the film content came from a 3 week Sentry Lodge Film project in Jan 2016 Female Pro Splitboard Crew in part filmed at Meadow Lodge 2015 Eric Hjoleifson Ruin and Rose Athlete Edit 2016 Sentry Lodge Michelle Parker Ruin and Rose Athlete Edit 2016 Sentry Lodge Smith Female Athletes Rachael Burks, Amie Engerbretson and Hadley Hammer at Sunrise Lodge 2016 Tanner Rainville Ruin and Rose Edits MSP Films Sentry Lodge Sander Hadly and Sean Jordan during MSP Ruin and Rose Edits 2016 Sentry Lodge Smartwool Pro Crew at Meadow 2016 Slaying Pillows Teton Gravity Matchstick Media shoot 2016 Sweetgrass Productions “Afterglow”’s Wellness Week at Sentry Lodge” “Shaping Skiing” by 4FRNT Skis Lenser Video” at Vista Lodge Freeride Touring Helmet Cam Video Golden Alpine Holidays Freeride Camps “Attack of La Nina” Athlete Extra-Eric Hjorleifson Sweetgrass Productions “Valhalla Trailer 1” Eric Hjorleifson “The way I see it” “The Big Mountain Tour-Sunrise Lodge, Canada” by Volkl Skis International